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Bitcoin Private Rebase Progress Update

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A Rebase breakthrough!

Around a month ago we released a Testnet UI , something we’ve not seen anywhere else. It proved to be hugely popular and we had thousands of tests from our brilliant community, eager to help test the Rebase directly from their browsers. We found over the weeks of testing that a couple of things became apparent; generating blocks and sending transactions were having issues. Our hard working developers spent time trying to figure out the problems and this took a little while, with a fair bit of head-scratching. Fixing the generating of blocks was easy; it’s a memory hog to mine a whole block and the simple server we put in place didn’t cover it, so that wasn’t a real issue. The bigger problem was that transactions weren’t always going through.

So the developers looked to other projects who may have solved this issue and found it was resolved with upstream changes in BSHA3 and Ravencoin, so we adapted some of the great tweaks they made and applied to our own Rebase. This was a great example of open source software being transparent and helping improve crypto projects as a whole. With that applied and running our Rebase under -regtest rather than -testnet, we added some nodes, opened up connections and were able to send transactions without fail across the network. I’m sure a couple of us jumped out of our chairs and @robotica jokingly said he’d buy us all dinner with his testnet coins. There’s still more to do, but we’ve released a 2nd Rebase testing user interface. The testnet version has reached 67/119 and served it’s purpose to find issues; but this new version is open for testing and has completed 89/119 successful calls in less than 24 hours thanks to help from our active community. Please head there, help us test and maybe learn how to interact with the wallet directly. It’s really simple, even for novices and hugely popular. We’re sure over the next couple of weeks we’ll be chasing down our goal of 119/119.

So what’s next?

Our developers won’t just sit and wait for results to come in of course, they’re already looking to implement additional upstream updates from other Bitcoin based projects and may even begin to start looking at adding in z-address wallet methods, meaning we’ll bring in the latest zk-SNARKs tech from ZCash and also include Sapling, ZCash’s recently launched new tech which will allow us to run the blockchain tech; increasing performance and reducing resource requirements which can open doors to things such as mobile wallets with shielded transactions. People keep asking when the Rebase will launch. We don’t have a confirmed date as yet, this is complicated work that no one has accomplished yet so we’re really in uncharted waters, but clearly overcoming obstacles and heading towards our goal. We’ll be able to give a more definitive release date soon, possibly even in the next community update along with information about how the Rebase will be released. Watch this space over the next few weeks and we look forward to giving you even better news next time!

One Click Miner (BTCPMine)

We’ve officially released a Windows based one click miner for BTCP, which allows you to simply click a button and begin mining with your CPU or GPU (both Nvidia and AMD supported). This allows anyone to easily mine and earn Bitcoin Private, passively or for real future investment purposes. To grab a copy and begin mining BTCP for yourself, simply head to the original Bitcoin Private website and find the link at the top of the site.

Closing Thoughts

Rebase progress has not stopped nor will it stop until the Rebase is complete, both the developers and the active community are working hard to make sure of this. Everyone in the Bitcoin Private family plays a vital role into the future success of the project and in evolving Bitcoin Private into a coin that stands in a class all it’s own. Stay vigilant, stay informed, and above all else stay private.


By Team, 16. November 2018


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